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Aisha Chiandet

A trainer in Barrie and Collingwood

Aisha Chiandet

In the production: Grand Central Circus, Aisha showcases her skills in high flying lyra as well as aerial silks and other disciplines. 
Aisha started training on aerial silks and aerial hoop in 2012, and began performing shortly there after. Aisha is will soon be assuming a role as head instructor at the Spaulding Circus.  Aisha has been instructing since 2014. Prior to discovering the world of aerial circus arts, she was a dancer and gymnast, and taught gymnastics throughout high school. She developed her love of heights through rock and ice climbing, and worked at climbing gyms in high school and university, even creating a course to help new climbers transition to outdoors. As an aerial coach, Aisha has a particular interest in alternative methods of strength and flexibility training, and enjoys helping students reach their full potential. Now an experienced performer, Aisha has been involved in shows and events across Southern Ontario. When not up in the air, she can be found at her day job as an aquatic ecologist.

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