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Damian Spaulding

The visionary behind all things Spaulding

Damian Spaulding

Damian Spaulding has been quietly performing with the Collingwood Circus club through the last two years and is now showcasing his talents in Acro Balance through the production of Grand Central Circus. 

Damian began training with his wife Lisa Spauliding about 2 years ago in the disciplines of Aerial Silks as well as acro balance and has never looked back since.

Damian is also the general director of the Spaulding School of The Arts.  We are sure past students of Damian Spaulidng will greatly enjoy the production of Grand Central Circus as Damian gets beat-up a umber of times during this production.  He shows himself as the “troll he truly is” and all past students of his have been truly getting excited to see him in this new role. 

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Damian Spaulding
Lisa Spaulding
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