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Kristin Nunes

The woman behind it all

Kristin Nunes

In the production: Grand Central Circus, Kristin plays many roles from flying aerial silk artist to beam and other disciplines.  
Kristin Nunes is the founder and owner of the Collingwood Circus Club and is now the head of the new Spaulding Circus. Through her years, Kristin has created and produced several acclaimed circus productions including Dream Chest Circus, Cirque de la Nuit and RAOCA.
Kristin is an experienced aerialist performer that has been involved in dozens of events around Ontario. She grew up in competitive gymnastics and continued on to become a competitive gymnastics and recreational coach, acquiring 15 years of coaching experience. She discovered her love for aerial circus arts while travelling in Mexico and has been training and teaching in this exciting discipline ever since.
Prior to the opening of Collingwood Circus Club in 2012, Kristin earned her Paramedic license in British Columbia and Ontario.

Kristin Nunes
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