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The Story

A story line you will never forget

Grand Central Circus Story

Grand Central Circus is set in the era of a 1920’s train station where unwitting circus travelers experience encounters with a purse snatching troll played by Damian Spaulding.  Those that already know members of the cast already know that this behaviour is not uncommon for certain cast members. 
This event is perfectly suited for an audience of all ages and is guaranteed to amaze, surprise, entertain and make you and the entire family laugh all the way though the extravaganza.

If you have personally experienced the antics of Damian Spaulding in the past, now is you chance to see Damian finally “get what he is due”  through Collingwood Circus’ presentation of Grand Central Circus.

Grand Central Circus' cast ranges from veteran circus performers, aspiring Cirque Du Soleil performance artists, professional acro-balance artists, circus hoop and lyra performances and more.

Collingwood Circus Club’s presentation of Grand Central circus showcases much of the exciting events that be be learned not only through the Collingwood Circus Club but also the new Spaulding Circus commencing in Barrie Ontario January of 2018.

Grab your tickets now as audience sizes are small in the highly intimate Simcoe Theater in Collingwood Ontario.  Spaces are truly limited

* Carpooling services may also be available for patrons that live outside of the Collingwood area.

The Story
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