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The Spaulding School of Arts is more than just a place to lean a new skill. It is a movement that is sweeping across central Ontario.

Founded originally by Damian Spaulding, the Spaulding School of Arts combines the efforts of professional arts trainers in a way that is highly synergistic. This is because most artistically minded individuals do not suffer from “tunnel vision” in regards to the arts. When you ask a majority of people what music they like, rarely will you hear: “just pop” or “just rock”, but rather the majority would say: a bit of everything.

The same is true for an artist. Art simply being defined as “something that raises an emotional reaction” or “an expression of self that moves beyond language or cultural divide” the developers of Spaulding School of Arts has recognized that there is no need to 'silo' an artist. A musician can very well succeed as a dancer, and a dancer can very much succeed in photography as an expression of self.
The Spaulding School of Arts succeeds where many have failed in combining all aspects of arts into one massive movement that collaboratively has changed many lives.

The Spaulding School of Arts not only provides a legitimate encounter of the arts where an individual can learn any discipline of art from professionals across the region, but the Spaulding School of Arts is also founded on a new approach to teaching that not only engineers the mind to learn a discipline quickly, but also adapts the needs of every student we teach.
We believe student lead teaching is the way of the future in regard to education and you will find out first-hand from our teachers how truly effective and inspiring learning any aspect of art can be through our proprietary “Spaulding Method”.


Making world history right now!

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